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Creative projects

What are creative projects?

A creative project can be defined as

  1. A piece of planned creative work or activity that is
  2. finished over a period of time and
  3. intended to achieve a particular purpose, often with a finished product/ output.

Creative projects can be:

  • Personal (e.g. writing a memoir based on a late grandmother) or public (e.g. starting a online publication for prevention of cruelty to animals).
  • Undertaken individually (1 person shooting a series of nature photographs) or as a group (3 people working on a Mural design for a bed and breakfast).
  • Income-generating (e.g. A series of illustrated postcard for sale online) or Non income-generating (e.g. A free weekly podcast).

Why should I work on a creative project?

Creative projects promote divergent thinking – Google has a 80/20 rule which grants it’s employees 20% of time for creative side projects. This has successfully contributed to its company-wide creativity & innovation.

They can be a way to improve wellbeing & recharge from work Studies have shown that it helps improve wellbeing and recover from work

Creative projects can inject fun in your life by allowing you to try out something you enjoy, become a source of growth by pushing you beyond your comfort zone to learning new skills.

Industry experts & professionals have also shared how creative projects can even boost your career.

I don’t have an idea for a creative project. What should I do?

It can be daunting to start your first project.

To begin, ask yourself:

  1. Is there an issue / person / place / thing I care or feel strongly about?
  2. Is there a type of i enjoy / would like to explore

An example: Annabel is loves wildlife and wishes she could share her passion with others. She is new to poetry but has always loved the writing of poets such as R. Frost, W. B. Yeats. Annabel can consider to write a short collection of poetry inspired by wildlife.

If you’re not sure your idea for a creative project might apply for our retreats, write us

Why should I join Create & Connect’s Creative Retreats?

Being creatives with multiple side projects, we understand how difficult it can be to do creative projects without the right environment, resources & time.

Here at Create and Connect retreats, we offer the ideal conditions to help you kick start/complete your project.

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Our creative retreats are where the magic happens
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