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Terms and Conditions

Refund policy

50% of the deposit will be reimbursed for cancellations up to 30 days from the first day of the event.

Limitation of liability

Wenlin Tan and Luca Dell’Anna (the organizers) will not be held responsible for any injury, illness, physical condition emerging or worsening, property loss or property damage incurring during the duration of the retreat, or during the trip towards or from it. We recommend that all customers have adequate travel, cancellation and medical insurance for the duration of the trip.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has all the relevant travel documentation.

The organizers accept no responsibility for delay or cancellation of any flights, train, buses or other forms of transport.

The organizers shall not be liable for any failures beyond their control. This covers natural disasters, war, ‘acts of God’, closure of airports, civil strife, accidents or failure to perform by third parties, including suppliers and subcontractors. In case of acts of god, or in case of cancellation due to the venue of the event not able to accomodate the event for any extraordinary circumstance, or in case of cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control, the full amount paid by the participants will be refunded.

The organizers reserves the right to alter any facility accommodation or yoga activity, when circumstances beyond their control require it.

In any case, no liability from the organizers might exceed the amount the participant paid to attend the event.

Participant’s responsibilities

The participant is responsible to communicate any food allergy or food restriction to the organizers before payment, to ensure that the organizers will be able to comply with his or her request.

The participant must comply fully with all and any health and safety regulations introduced by the organizers or by the event venue. The participant must ensure that he/she is medically and physically fit and able to use our facilities and participate in activities. Participants who have injuries or illnesses are advised to seek doctor’s advice to perform any physical activity during the event, in particular yoga. The organizers are not liable for any injuries to the customer in his/her use of our facilities or participation in activities. A participant must always stop and rest if he/she is feeling any pain or sickness and inform the teacher of any previous injuries.

The customer shall not use the property except for permitted use and shall not use the property for any offensive, noisy, dangerous, illegal, entertainment, immoral or improper purposes. The customer shall not do anything which may be a nuisance or annoyance to the event and its guests, staff or owners.

The organizers have a zero tolerance policy regarding the use or possession of illicit drugs, which are defined as any unlawful substance not prescribed to you by a medical professional, or which are illegal under the legislation of the country where the event takes place. The use or possession of illicit drugs will lead to a participant’s immediate disqualification or removal from an event.

The customer shall keep all fixtures, fittings, furniture and effects of the event venue in a clean and good condition and shall replace any articles which are destroyed or missing with articles of a similar kind and of equal value.

The organizers reserve the right at its sole discretion to terminate use of the property or any of its facilities by the customer in the event of any breach of these terms and conditions. The customer will be required to vacate the property and the organizers shall not refund payment or accept any consequential liability damages or loss.


Sometimes the organizers can modify the schedule (for example, lunch time) or to substitute any non-core activity (for example, substituting one kind of evening activity with another). The organizers reserve the right to make such changes at any time. In such case, the organizers will inform you as soon as possible, if it is possible before your travel starts.


The organizers retains all copyright license rights and sole exclusive ownership of the information, photographs and material displayed on its website or used by the organizers during the events. The material may not be modified, copied or used in any other way.

Participants retain their copyright for the products of their work for their creative project.

The organizers may take photographs and/or video footage of guests for advertising, promotional, and marketing purposes. If a participant wishes not to be featured, he will have to notify in written form the organizers.

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